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SpeedFan 4.49 64/32 Bit update download torrent

SpeedFan 4.49

SpeedFan 4.49 64/32 Bit update download torrent

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SpeedFan is a program monitoring consumers believe that Windows Task Manager is too basic. It allows you to monitor the status of your hard drive, the temperature of the various components, and change the speed of the fans.

The prifGellir interface SpeedFan scare at first, but once you get past the flood of data, which was greeted with a very powerful applications that can help you solve the most difficult problems PC. SpeedFan offers more functionality and even informatsiyaotkolkotoarbox BIOSkomputer you.

While SpeedFan can scare for use in the first place, it offers plenty of warnings by default alarm more advanced users to the dangers of playing in the program. Although the number of crew rhaglenpoeri out you, the developers have also included some user interface elements such as graphs, charts and gauges to help you understand what is happening.

More advanced users can use SpeedFan in conjunction with stress testingand monitoring rhaglenPrime95da konstruksikustom PC. This tool is very useful for testing the stability of your computer.

SpeedFan is useful for beginners and experts. Beginners can use the program to your computer and speed wirioiechyd your control their fans (especially useful for laptops), while more advanced users can take advantage of aspects of performance monitoring and troubleshooting SpeedFan provide.

What unsydd serious about PC istabilnost can benefit SpeedFan.


upgraded-greatlyDELL -nVidia help support I2C working again with a driver 275 +

ATI Radeon re -Now supports manual fan control is out of the country, when he began SpeedFan (no video card fan is unexpectedly set to 100 percent of program exit)

-Added Support for Intel X79 (Patsburg) SMBus

support -Added to ServerWorks HT1000 SMBus

USB support -dobaveniSAT to field

-addedcymorth to use Sunplus USB enclosure, and Logitech IoData chipset

-Added Tweak the voltage readingand konfigurasiUntuk some motherboards Intel

-Added Full support to Fintek F71858AD

Areca RAID support and better cymorthAreca -rewritten SAS for managers

refactored USB hard drive -slightly seller speculation

AMD Family support 12h -Added to temperature (Llano) -Added support for temperatures 14H AMD Family (Bobcat)

-ATK0110 Trying to find the best interface when some omaent available in ACPI BIOS (please advise if the support is broken for the model of your motherboard) -Added supportawalFujitsu Siemens to-Hades

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SpeedFan 4.49

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