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About Melissa

Melissa Crichton, LCSW – An experienced positive-based Dog Trainer and Licensed Psychotherapist utilizing Traditional dog obedience training methods combined with behavioral management methods, and alternative training techniques (including Acupressure Wraps, Aromatherapy with Essential Oils, Reiki Energy Work, and T.TOUCH muscle extension exercises). 

We provide private positive-based training in your home for your dog and family, as well as off-site individual training and group classes.  We can offer a variety of single or multi-session clinics to address specific issues (i.e. the “Over-Greeters Anonymous” clinic, Potty Training, “Getting to know you”, “Puppies-R-Us” and the “Selective-Hearing Dogs-R-Us” and Potty Training Challenges.

Hopefully these class offerings will be a great start in helping you and your dog fulfill your training needs.  Should you encounter a need for specialized clinics, please let us know.


We offer free initial consultations, for individual private in-home dog training, utilizing both traditional and alternative training techniques (including acupressure body and face wraps, Reiki Energy Work, essential oils, herbal supplements, and T.TOUCH massage with muscle extensions).

Please contact Melissa at 303-618-2996 for a Free Initial Consultation.

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