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Large Treat Ball Training Bag by Premier

Large Treat Ball Training Bag by Premier

The Gentle Leader Training Pouch is a design adopted by Terry Ryan, an internationally renowned animal trainer. She says, “In the old days I used to put food and toys in my pocket when I was training. Using a zippered bag was okay, but when I needed it zippered, it was open, and when I need it opened, it was zippered! I would bend over to reach a small dog, and food would fall out. Enter husband Bill. He came up with a great option for clumsy trainers like his wife. And…TA-DA! Now you can have one too!”

Features of the Gentle Leader Training Pouch By Premier®

Hinge Stays Fully Open & Closes With A Touch 
Front Storage Pocket/Back Zippered Pocket 
Belt Clip And Detachable Belt 
Free Training Tips Booklet By Terry Ryan

This Training Pouch Design Is The Best! Why?

  • Spring-hinged opening gives easy access to treats or toys. You can quickly close it with your elbow, and its secured lid keeps the treats in and noses out!
  • Construction: Water-resistant and Stain-resistant. Keeps particularly greasy treats from staining your clothes.
  • The belt is the familiar quick-release mechanism and is waist-size adjustable.
  • Belt-Clip Option if you just want to use your own.
  • Comes with a zippered pocket for your belongings
  • Come with a Front Pocket to place your clicker for faster access.
  • Key ring for clipping items for easy access to keys, clicker, whistle, etc.

Colors: Red, Black, Green & Blue

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