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Quiet Dog™ Calming Face Wrap – “The Gentle Shush”

Quiet Dog™ Calming Face Wrap – “The Gentle Shush” 

End unwanted barking humanely!  This is NOT a muzzle in any way.  It does not restrict your dog’s jaw and he/she can do everything with it on that he/she can do without it on.  It works by activating acupressure points and calming the dog through constant, gentle Maintained Pressure.  It also helps you train your dog to learn to be quiet on cue and helps prepare your dog to wear a head halter.  This adjustable face wrap is made with super soft elastic and an Easy Release Clip. No more struggling tying a knot or bow; no more shocking.  it’s quick, safe and secure.

Uses: End unwanted barking. Use in conjunction with the Anxiety Wrap for severe storm fear, car travel anxiety, fireworks, sound sensitivity, shyness, fear-based aggression, and more.

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