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In-Home Obedience Training

We offer individual private in-home dog training, utilizing both traditional and alternative training techniques (including acupressure body and facial wraps, essential oils, herbal supplements, and T.TOUCH massage with muscle extensions).

  • Free In-Home Assessment to determine your new dog’s knowledge
  • Basic Obedience Instruction (i.e.: Sit, down, stay, come, drop it, leave it, leash walking, etc.)
  • Use of Voice Signals and Hand Signals for training
  • Teach your Dog to Maintain Eye-Contact  By giving you eye contact, he/she is displaying an act of submission towards you, disregarding the attractive distractions around you, and establishing a shared sense of mutual respect with you
  • Our Lessons are designed to be Fun.  Fun for you, your dog, and your family.  You’ll find that dog training will progress more smoothly when the lessons are conducted as if it is a game for your dog.  You’ll learn “Touch”, “Name Game”, “Shell Game”, “Watch Me” or “Focus”.  We look for reasons to celebrate your dog, and identify ways to enhance your interactions together 
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